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StackiCap™ High CV MLCC

StackiCap™ High CV MLCC

Range to be launched at Electronica 2012 in Munich.Innovation is the theme of UK-based Syfer Technology’s stand at Electronica 2012, with new products dominating the display. Space saving chip capacitors and EMI filters are expecting to attract significant interest among designers, especially in the high voltage, high power sectors.The world-wide launch of Syfer’s latest new product family, set to revolutionise the world of large-size high voltage X7R Multilayer Chip Capacitors (MLCCs), takes place at Electronica 2012 in Munich. Called StackiCap™, these X7R devices dramatically increase the maximum capacitance values now possible in larger case sizes and high voltages, thereby delivering the potential to significantly reduce printed circuit board real estate.Syfer has developed a highly innovative patented technique (GB patent No. 1210261.2 pending) to produce a single multilayer chip which reduces electro-mechanical stresses in the body of the component, allowing for consistent and reliable performance of thicker and larger size devices.The first parts to become available in the StackiCap™ family will be 1812 and 2220 case sizes, with 200V to 1.5kV and 200 to 2kV operating voltage ranges respectively. Claiming an industry first, Syfer’s 2220 500V device features 1µF capacitance in a single chip. The 2kV part also features an impressive 100nF capacitance previously found only in the much larger case sizes. Meanwhile, in the 1812 range, the 200V part also features 1µF capacitance, while the 1kV device features 180nF capacitance, previously only possible in larger size components.

The StackiCap™ devices are expected to appeal to designers of any high voltage products where pcb space is at a premium and maximum capacitance is required in a smaller footprint. Typical applications include power supplies, projector modules, lighting systems and throughout the aerospace sector.

In some instances, the parts will allow for a size reduction from 8060 to 2220, providing a factor of 10 saving in board space. In addition, designers will see further benefits, including reduced component count, and hence lower assembly costs.
This range is fully compliant with the RoHS Directive and are available now on a standard 6 week delivery for production volumes. Pricing, on application, depends on value and volume.